Background screening has become a ‘must-have’ for businesses. Although it is not a new concept, the traditional approach to background screening was restricted to employee referrals. This posed a risk of not receiving accurate referrals, leading to bad hires and losses in terms of finance and credibility. To prevent such grave consequences, firms are incorporating stringent background screening policy. As a business owner, you may not have the bandwidth and tools to conduct a comprehensive screening process. Partnering with background screening firms is the only answer to your problems. Tying up with a reliable screening partner has several advantages. Let us look at a few benefits of background screening conducted by experienced verification firms.

1.    Enhanced quality of hires

Background screening is a broad term that involves scanning of personal and professional details of an employee. The various components include educational, residential, employment, and criminal verification of an employee. As per our research, around 17% of resumes contain misleading information. In their desire to secure a job, candidates fudge their residential address, provide fake degrees, and embellish employment data. A background screening service provider has access to important databases and institutes. They also have the right technology and people to conduct and deliver reliable screening reports on time. Once the bad candidates are filtered out, you remain with a handful of talented individuals, which in turn improves the quality of your hire.

2.    Safe work environment

Workplace safety is of prime importance in attracting talented employees. The rising figure of employment frauds and crimes has awakened organisations to understand the significance of maintaining a safe work atmosphere. Employment and criminal background checks done by screening partners expose past incidents that offer insights of a candidate Background screening services help in reducing the risk of workplace violence and frauds by filtering out such threatening resumes.

3.    Prompt and accurate screening

There is no doubt that comprehensive background screening is a time-consuming process. But that is, if done without using the right tools and people. Experienced background screening service providers like Background Inspector, have extensive expertise and knowledge of the industry. They work with technology to enable swift yet accurate screening results. With the right connections and access to information combined with technology, background screening services can drastically improve your hiring process by offering timely results.

4.    Mitigates the cost of a bad hire

The cost of hiring an employee is not limited to their salary. Recruiting expenses, salary, incentives, administrative expenses, etc. combined together will give you the true value of an employee. When you make a bad hire, you not only face losses in terms of salary but also have to go through the entire process of re-hiring. Background screening services conduct detailed checks on every piece of information provided by the employee. This minimizes the risks of a bad hire and saves you from financial losses. It acts as an investment that will pay off in future through profitable hires.

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