Our Services

Background Inspector’s screening services are designed to provide thorough and accurate information on a candidates background to prove without a doubt that the person you are hiring/renting/marrying is genuine or not. Our comprehensive investigative services negate the possibility of work mismanagement, fraudulent practices, corporate espionage and terrorist threat, by giving you reliable information to help you make the right decisions.


Investigating the authenticity and reliability of the educational qualifications submitted by the candidate. This ensures that candidates with falsified qualifications, bogus degrees and diplomas are identified early on in the recruitment/engagement process, to prevent hiring of unskilled and unqualified candidates and persons with doubtful backgrounds.


One of the aspects of screening is making sure that the people you are employing/entering into relation with are actually whom they claim to be. Verification of previous employment is critical to uncovering fraud. Determining the truthfulness of the worker’s self-reported employment history including title,salary,attendance records, and reason for leaving is essential. Additionally, verification of employment dates may reveal gaps in a worker’s employment history. Verification also comprises of extracting information from the candidates reporting manager at the previous firm to get an insight into his/her interpersonal skills, communication skills and reflecting on their key attributes on the professional front.


Conducting person-to-person interviews with the references mentioned in the candidates resume. This is done to get an idea about the applicant’s personality, abilities, weaknesses and strengths that can either prove instrumental or detrimental to the hiring organization.


Investigating the criminal and legal background of an applicant is essential to uncovering a person’s identity, unearthing hidden information and to identify is he/she has been convicted of criminal or economic offences and also to find out if he/she is under investigation for an assumed crime. These checks are extremely vital to hiring organizations or any one intending to start a personal or financial relationship as it helps in threat reduction, preventing fraud and abetment of financial mismanagement.


Personal home visits are conducted to ascertain the correctness and relevance of the address indicated in the applicant’s resume. The home visit also involves interaction with the family members present at that time, this gives us an insight into the applicant’s personal and family life and his/her living circumstances.


We through our network of laboratory partners offer drug testing services with a choice to make from 5‐drugs panel, 9‐drugs panel and 10‐drugs panel tests to check if the candidate is using any abusive substance like amphetamine, methamphetamine, cocaine, barbiturates, cannabinoids, opiates, pcp, benzodiazepine and methad.


We have subscribed to various databases that help conducting Indian and global databases verification checks. India‐specific database checks include media searches, litigation checks, economic defaulter’s, crime record, defaulter’s list‐ reserve bank of India etc. Global database checks include serious & organized crimes databases, ofac, fbi’s databases, regulatory authorities databases, and compliance authorities databases etc.